Exceptional Nano Silver Technology cleaning properties come from its composition. Cleaners consist of special 20 micrometres thick microfibres, which structure is similar to the human hair. It means that its profile looks like a groove which all the dirt penetrates into, collects outside it and doesn’t go to the cleaned material. Through washing up all the dirt is easily washed away and microfibres stay clean. Because of using the cleaning surface becomes slightly affected, the fibre opens up but doesn’t change its structure and thanks to this its ability to absorb dirt improves. Nanofibre can also absorb unpleasant smell.
Introduced into the fibre silver nanoparticles have disinfectant and bacteriostatic properties. Are able to destroy hundreds of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi and other germs because of damaging their DNA. Nanoparticles destroy microorganisms in the cleaners during their everyday usage until they aren’t thoroughly washed.