Our company as a first one, not only in Poland but also in Europe introduced nanotechnology for textile cleaning products. All our products are impregnated with silver so after wiping any surface all the molds, fungi, bacteria and viruses are totally removed. You surely know that all the infections in cats, dogs and humans come from fungi, molds, bacteria and viruses.

How does it work?

Two important factors make our cleaners unique: special structure of microfiber and Nano Silver Technology. Their effectiveness is confirmed by clinical examinations and laboratory tests conducted on the Jagiellonian University and Economical University in Krakow.

Firstly: microfibers

The structure of microfibers of which our cleaners are made is very similar to human hair.
What does it really mean?
The microfiber profile looks like a groove, and all the dirt goes into it, but stays outside the surface that’s why it is easily removed with water. Moreover, during using it structure is affected – as a result the microfiber opens up and its ability to absorb dirt increases.
Microfibres can also absorb unpleasant smell.


Nano Silver Technology Cleaners remove several hundred different types of bacteria, viruses and fungi – all thanks to nanosilver particles which are in the microfibers. Nanosilver affects germs DNA destroying their structure and physiological abilities. Silver particles settle on the cell membrane and stop enzymes needed for their growth.

NanoSilver is natural medicine and is in 98-99% absorbable. It is a natural antibiotic that doesn’t accumulate in our organism.

Colloidal silver:
– against infections
– is non-toxic and safe even for pregnant women
– strengthens immunity of the body
– kills over 650 pathogens

Our products are recommended to all the people who care for clean and safe environment – also those who struggle with health problems (like allergy, decreased immunity, staphylococcal infection) because they provide almost 100% antiseptic.

How to use our cleaners?

To fully use the power of our cleaners you need clean water and … that’s it! It doesn’t matter what is the temperature – cleaner wet with cold water will be equally effective as with hot water.
Before first use you need to wash them at least 3 times in temperature 60 Celsius degree (for pink cleaners one wash is enough) Thanks to it all the fibres will open up and be ready to use. When they get dirty just handwash them with NanoSilver soap or in the washing machine in 60 Celsius degree. To remove very heavy stains: for example stains on fabrics, ink stains etc. you should additionally use NanoSilver soap. To remove stone you can also help yourself with citric acid or lemon.

What you get?
1. Clean house with no chemicals
2. End with allergies
3. Save time
4. Save money
5. Safe environment


Warranty and recycling

Our products can be used for many, many years. We provide guarantee on 18 months and after that every client has got the possibility to exchange old cleaners to the new ones at half price. Used products will be reused without harm to the natural environment. You can exchange cleaners only when you deliver old ones to the company’s headquarter.

Hygienic Certificate
Certificate of health quality